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The brand new generation recruitment software.

Latest technologies

We use the latest technologies that have proven themselves in terms of performance to guarantee optimal comfort.

SAAS solution

Do not pay any additional fees. Does not require a particular implementation.

Fast learning

UmanSoft has an ergonomic point, you pick it up very easily.


Traveling, UmanSoft will fit all your interfaces (computers, phones, tablets).

Win several hours per day

UmanSoft allows you to save time. Having extensively studied the difficulties encountered by experts with recruitment firms, we have designed a program with all the necessary features that allow you to save valuable time.

Ergonomic interface

UmanSoft has impressive features to make your recruitment more effective. UmanSoft has a clear and complete interface to manage your CV bank and your recruits, customers and publications of your jobs on specialized sites and social networks.

UmanSoft is connected

Over the past 10 years, recruitment has evolved. UmanSoft centralize your social networking sites and professionals specialized in terms of sourcing and outreach.

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